FERRARI 488 SPIDER FOR RENTAL or hire in all Spain and Spanish territory. Ferrari 488 available for hire in the Algarve and Portugal Soon

Ferrari 488 Spider for hire. Take a chance to drive one of these stunning super cars with rentals by the day or week available.

The Ferrari 488 SPIDER is a wonderful example of Ferrari engineering and is pure beauty. This car is currently available in red for delivery across Spain. If you are in the Algarve please contact us for conditions and options to rent.

  • Power: 670 CV
  • Speed: 325 km/h
  • Acceleration: 3 seg.
  • Cylinders:: 8
  • Cubic capacity: 3902 cc.
  • Shift: Automatic
  • Traction: Rear
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Seats: 2
  • Doors: 2
  • Trunk: 230 L.
  • Color: RED

This Ferrari 488 Spider for hire is sure to be one of the holiday highlights, she drives like a dream so buckle up and lets go!

Check the Specs!

Driver front airbag
    Front passenger airbag
    Front Side Airbags
    Magneride Cushioning (SCM2)
    Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
    Apple Carplay
    F1 dual-clutch change
    Front and rear camera
    Yellow revolution counter
    Stability and traction control (CST)
    Tire temperature and pressure control
    F1-Trac traction control with SSC2 (Side Slip Control 2)
    Speed ​​control
    Limited slip adjuster with electronic control (E-Diff3)
    Power steering
    Carbon-ceramic brake discs
    Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
    Suspension lift
    Bixenon headlights
    Changing cams F1 on steering wheel
    Multifunction steering wheel controls
    Manettino in steering wheel (control of dynamics of the vehicle)
    Travel computer
    Brake Caliper Giallo Modena
    AFS system
    Steering wheel with horizontal adjustment
    Steering wheel with vertical adjustment
    Bluetooth connection with audio streaming
    Digital radio (DAB)


This is just one of the selection of Super cars that we can offer across Spain and Spanish territory, we have options for car hire in Portugal and the Algarve on their way to you soon.

Other options available include the amazing Audi R8 Spider check her out!

Drive the Dream!